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    Car Interior Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    While you might pay hundreds of dollars every year to retain your car’s “showroom condition”, it’s equally important to make the car’s interior impeccable.

    Apart from lush upholstery, floor mats and seats, you have curves and corners that are difficult to clean. Stop hassling about cleaning your car interiors. Call experts from Hire Us 4 Cleaning and see excellent results!

    Car Interior Cleaning Specialists with Extensive Experience and Expertise

    Hire Us 4 Cleaning is an Australian owned and operated cleaning company specialising in car interior cleaning. We have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals on board to ensure you get a spotlessly clean car. We are using a combination of eco-friendly disinfectants to wipe the surfaces and make them germ-free. Moreover, our technicians use advanced tools and detergents to clean the seats and upholstery. This makes your car seats and upholstery immaculate, spotless and fresh.

    Contact us to Make Your Car Interiors Pristine.

    Regardless of how careful you are, it’s close to impossible to prevent food or drink getting spilled in the car. This is a common situation when you are travelling with kids. Also, if you have pets and you often go on rides with them, you might be accustomed to the unfortunate “accidents”.

    Hire Us 4 Cleaning team of experienced and certified cleaners are trained to clean the stubborn stains of food or drink spills off your car upholstery. Moreover, we even specialise in cleaning up the mess caused due to “unfortunate pet accidents”. Our professionals use high-quality detergents that are tough on stains, but soft on fabric. This means your car upholstery will retain its smooth texture.

    Has Your Upholstery Stained? - Contact us For Ultra Clean

    When left uncleaned, food or drink spill and pet accidents can make your car upholstery stink, soiled and highly unhygienic. At Hire Us 4 Cleaning, we effectively vacuum and steam clean the upholstery, making it spotless, shiny and fresh just like new.

    We specialise in removing tough and old stains caused by:

    • Liquid spills like milk, coffee, juice, soup and more.
    • Bodily fluids like vomit, blood or urine
    • Cigarette burns
    • Cosmetic spillage including lipstick, mascara and moisture stains
    • Oil and grease
    • Pet urine and feces
    • Food spills

    Apart from cleaning soiled upholstery, we are experts in getting rid of the foul stench caused by:

    • Tobacco smell caused to smoking
    • Vomiting
    • Urine and feces
    • Alcoholic beverage spills

    We Offer Customised Solution For Your Unique Requirement

    Every car is unique, and so are their cleaning requirements. Based on this, we have tailored solutions to ensure you get precisely what your car needs! With our proven track record, we deliver premium quality solutions to ensure you get the best value for your money.

    Why Rope in Professionals from Hire Us 4 Cleaning?

    • Trusted and Reliable Team – With a strong team of highly trained professionals, we schedule same-day services to most of our clients.
    • Great Value for Your Money – Our fully certified and reliable cleaners deliver excellent solutions that are on par with the industry standards.
    • Affordable Services – Our car interior cleaning services are pocket friendly and won’t cost you a fortune.

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How Hire Us 4 Cleaning can help?

With the hectic life that people live in Australia, often tasks such as cleaning get ignored. As a result of a longer run, bedrooms, carpets, upholstery and other spaces become dusty and untidy for residence and also hinders the normal flow of positive energy. Hire 4 Us Cleaning will solve your cleaning issues so your property will become sparkling and clean again. Whether it would be regular carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, or upholstery, we provide the best cleaning service in Melbourne with affordable rates and personal care.

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Any queries? We are here to help you at any hour of the day. Our team operates locally and is always available over the phone or via email 24/7. Our Highly trained and experienced operators will spend the time with you over the telephone to explain important things to ensure you know where you stand and any preparation you need to do before we perform cleaning.  


Our cleaners will thoroughly go over your carpets, rugs, upholstery or tiles looking for spots, stains and any other damages. The cleaning team will then discuss the cleaning plan with you and provide a quote and recommendation.

  • Appointment at your convenience
  • Cleaning services tailored to your specific needs and budget
  • Competitive quote

Customised Treatments

Our cleaning services are all customised as per the industry standards and our clients’ needs

  • Child-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Experienced team of cleaners
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is professionally cleaned.

About Us

Why choose Hire Us 4 Cleaning?

Hire Us 4 Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies that believe in providing quality and affordable cleaning services.

With experienced cleaners and advanced cleaning tactics, you can rely on us for quality cleaning services.

We are an Australian-owned cleaning company working to deliver a healthy and safe home and work environment. This entails cleaning upholstery, carpets, tiles and grout, mattresses and more. We provide the cleaning service by using only industry-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  • Professionally trained and experienced team
  • Eco-Friendly and pet-friendly cleaning control solutions
  • Use of latest and advanced technology
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing
  • Get on-time and fully-equipped cleaning service.
  • All your cleaning needs answered in one place.
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